Sunday, January 17, 2010

What am I DOING here?

Nothing's changed since this photo was taken. That's still me. I can't ditch that kid. For one thing, I love her. She's made me who I am. A woman who, for one thing, still hates to wear shoes.

I've done the Artist's Way about five times. Every time, I learned something new. Every time I made breakthroughs, had insights, reached new goals. For me, Morning Pages, made the biggest difference. I finally got past my big "I feel so silly when I sit down to write something 'creative" roadblock.

The Artist's Way did not make me a writer. But it let me finally admit that's who I am and not be afraid to say so. Not such a big deal, huh? But it is. Look at how bad that little kid doesn't want to look stupid in front of her friends or be left out.

So, I'm back to see what Morning Pages can do for me this time around. And yeah, yeah, the Artist's Dates and exercises. All that. You never know where the boost you're looking for will come from.

I'm a little stuck. Things are going a little slow. It's January. It's dark. I can't remember summer. I'm ready to try something to get my creativity back on track. So, I'm going to try something I already know will work. This works.

I just have to get off the porch.

That's me. You?

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