Sunday, January 31, 2010

Artist Date 2.1 -- Annie & Cujo

Progress report on the Ribboned Memo Board Project.

1) I bought the wrong puffy stuff. Or bought the Too Puffy Stuff. When I opened the bag, instead of unrolling circumspectly, it came poofing out. You could stuff a pillow or a bear with it, but that's not my project. So I put it in a large trash bag and stored it away to share with the pillow or bear makers. And now I need to go back to JoAnn. But it is a gorgeous day so, so what.

2) I found the stapler and used it to snap a staple right into my finger. This was not on plan.

3) Cujo has found my decorative furniture nails. (Securely packaged is the only positive note.) I think he just shoved them under the couch in the boathouse. In any case, they are far, far away.

Not a smooth start. But a lovely Sunday. Read Chapter 3. It has some very cool stuff. Not puffy stuffing, but still quite cool.

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  1. In case anyone ever stops by this section of the blog again, let the word go forth that it's April and I still haven't found those furniture nails. I think he ate them.