Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Self-Defined You. (And Welcome, Kathy!)

I'm going to be brief. Amazing, that. Week Two is an exploration of "a self-defined you." I've been exploring what it would mean to be a self-defined me. I've been using the morning pages for that, not in a deep thoughtful way, but in a musing, rambling, curious keep-your-hand-moving Morning Pages way. Just now, I'm listening to "Who Are You" by The Who,for inspiration. It's in my novel, too. It's Allie's Unidentified Caller ringtone. It's going to be mine as soon as I can figure out Garage Band.

Sorry, the rambling stops here: Ask yourself, "Who am I, self-defined?" So far, I've decided I'm a person who doesn't pee in the swimming pool. But who are you? Delineate yourself. Where do you draw the line? In a good way? And don't answer the question once and for all. Let it ride all week. Don't count your money while you're sittin' at the table. As we gamblers like to say.

And say Hello! to Kathy our newest team member. Bill & Vicky's cousin, so therefore, my cousin, too. Flower girl at our wedding. (I have pictures, Kathy. I could share...) Creative person and world traveler extraordinaire. She gives new meaning to the words "Halloween Costume."

Oh, and P.S. THAT'S not Kathy in the photo. Kathy is blond and beautiful. That's Holy Tree. Goddess or possibly God of Creativity.

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