Friday, January 29, 2010


Hi everyone, it's Maura... former colleague and eternal friend of Annie's... and several others among us, you know who you are! Not the mysterious Saudade, my Blog-joining secret identity, she's very beautiful and mysterious. She piles on the Fracas, asthmatics be damned.

Here's a real picture, of me, "hard at work". LOL. I have already fallen off the Morning Pages wagon, or off the Bus, as it were. Annie said I could soldier on though, and so...

I wanted an Artist's date with myself, gave myself my number, but I never called. I guess I'm Just Not That Into Me. ha-ha- we all know THAT's not true.

Planned to see Crazy Heart, maybe this weekend. I have a morning page, well maybe a page and a half. I have done AW once before, and look forward to easing back in- I don't do anything very abruptly these days. Joint pain.

My Artist credentials are: Art School dropout, "published" poet (at age 13 in a Literary Magazine), school literary pursuits and editorial positions, and the inexorable yearning. Saudade. Leave a beautiful scrap behind of the beautiful world as I see it. Make something. Though I did make commercials for a long time, and several of them were quite beautiful. For a commercial.

Happy Artist's Weekend!


  1. Yey! Maura. There you are. So glad to see you -- funny-- you should be a writer. Oh yes, you are! Morning Pages Schmorning pages, who cares. How's EDR?

  2. Well, I see Viv is spreading insurrection about the morning pages. And I TOO am glad to see you, Maura/Saudade. Even though I accidentally or benightedly threw Ms. Saudade off the bus there for awhile. Anyway. Welcome. Excellent that you're here! You'll want to attend Marilyn's cooking lesson....

  3. Annie--
    Just so you know -- haven't missed a morning since the starting line, Jan 18 --handwriting, 3 pages daily . . . still workin' up the muscles on them thar hills, climbin' Mpages in pre-conscious dawning. Up and at 'em at 5 am this morning -- then went back to sleep. It's Saturday, after all.