Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rambling Preamble

Re: Spirits & Muses

A thought before we start Week One -- and a test to see if I still know how to post.

Somewhere in the no-man's/no-woman's land between that razor-sharp mind of yours and the nutcase who wanders through your dreams every night, there's your creative self. It needs a brain to be articulate, no doubt. (Your brain is also useful for operating your arms and legs. And for helping you decide whether this $^$%#$ period goes inside or outside of the parentheses.). But your creative self has got to have access to your unconscious, barely conscious, cool, crazy idea factory.

Keep the doors to that mysterious corridor open on both ends. Plant something pretty in the breezeway. What I've learned is that nothing kills creativity like frowning, getting all tensed up and trying really, really hard. And nothing unleashes it like letting your eyes get a little unfocused and remembering what wet earth smells like on the first thaw day of spring. Or doing the exercises in your Artist's Way book.

This is not my personal insight. I think it's what Julia is speaking of when she talks about the spirituality of the gift. People often get freaked out about this spiritual path thing. And with good reason. Some folks out there have turned the domain of the spirit into a minefield. But those folks aren't here right now.

You can trust your idea of God or Spirit or Tree Power or Whatever to guide you along the Artist's Way, and nobody will tell you you're wrong. Especially not me. And Big Holy Tree. We just want you to have a great time.


(Since any of us can post or comment, be sure you identify yourself. So we can rag on you if that seems appropriate. I'm kidding. Just so we know who's talking.)

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