Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Artist Date for the Birds

According to the book, The Artist Way at Work, Riding the Dragon, Chapter 2, this is the week devoted to listening for The Roar of Awakening.

Can't say I heard it, but in synchronicity (love that word) with Annie's pigeon vision the other day, I heard some chirping. I believe there was some fire-breathing involved, as well.

One of the creature comforts of my kitchen is its two-way fireplace, where I sometimes like to perch first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and a book until the clock says I'll be late for work. This past Friday I took the day off. With the luxury of time on my hands after breakfast and the prospect of a three day weekend spread out before me like a buffet, I sat literally with feet to the fire reading a book to the finish. To the finish. Seventy uninterrupted pages. The tranquility of my household is something I trade for the assaults of working daily in a cubicle, shut away in an exhibit warehouse off of 8 Mile in inner Detroit. Imagine my delight in sitting by the hearth and suddenly hearing the chirping of birds. First just one, then the collective. Flocking right overhead, drawn by the warmth of the chimney, the chatter of birds, a welcome harbinger of Spring. And there it was: my Cinderella moment. No need for bibbity-bobbity further "time-out" for the ball - having experienced a morning so sublime... with the birds.

As for the prescribed Inner Dragon Holiday this week, suffice it to say it involved a short trip into Ann Arbor, with all its usual pleasures and curiosities.

Best "Artist Date" to date: last Friday I took myself to the movies (a first!) where I put on 3D glasses and a stupid grin on my face and delighted in every last luscious frame of AVATAR. Okay, wordwise, plotwise, it's like an all-day sucker, every flavor: Dances with Wolves meets Alien Smurfs on the Titanic. But for the eyes and ears, it's drop- dead gorgeous cinema-making. Go. See it. Soar.


  1. Let's see if I can make a comment stick! Loved the post. Loved the quiet morning of birds. So GLAD you enjoyed AVATAR, since I so enthusiastically recommended it. It appears we're going to have to wait another day for my artist date project to come to fruition. It's been a quest!

  2. Yes, Ann... your words stick. And thank you for your comment. Posted!

    Just so you know, I key-stroked my entry today, rather than cut and paste from Word. Apparently from Word to Web -- the programs are not designed to interface perfectly -- Unless your IT gurus at home can offer another explanation, or solution -- I'll stick to the method that we just discovered works.

    Best of luck with the photo bulletin board project. Nice photo of the cat. Your Apple iPhoto course is showing itself off. Speaking of iPhoto, there are aspects of Photoshop Elements that work better for me on my PC -- haven't loaded the app onto the Mac yet... will do, eventually.