Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm here!

I'm Mariln Chase and I'm here , finally -- better late than never. When Annie invited me to join "The Way" again, it was the answer to this year's New Year's Resolutions -- write more and reconnect with old friends. A perfect combination of both. Hi, Ann. Hi, Laura. Hi, Viv. Hi, Susan. Hi, everyone else!

I am still at Liggett Stashower -- where I met all of those "Hi's.' Work, obviously, consumes a lot of my time but I'm getting more focused on what I'm going to do post-Liggett. Traveling, writing, rescuing dogs, writing, watching my son Wes evolve into a nice young man, writing, spending time with friends, writing, learning to cook (late-starter), writing. The latter should give me enough to write about for the rest of my life. (Just ask my son.)

I think the long term plan is to travel and visit friends, who will teach me how to cook one of their favorite dishes, which I will then share with Wes and my dogs -- and I'll share al of it in a blog!

Who wants to be my first cooking instructor?



  1. OK -- so I'm posting early in the morning and can't even spell my name write. Let's try that again!! Marilyn, Marilyn Chase. Hah!

  2. Marilyn! So glad you're with us. We are a awesome group and even better now that you're here. I don't know about the rest of the group but so far, for me, this is the most useful of Artist Way experiences. Okay, Cleveland Women, (sorry, Joe, Vicky, Tuckie, Kathy) let's get together for a cooking class when the course is done. Maybe we can get Michael Ruhlman to teach. Yes, Marilyn?

  3. Hi, Mare -
    I'm way glad you're in The Way.

  4. Hello Marilyn!

    Love cooking, simmering, stewing, tasting. Will travel. Let's start by opening Michael Ruhlman's "The Elements of Cooking" . . . and reading together.

  5. Oops. I left Viv off the out of towners list and she's willing to make the trip. My bad.