Monday, January 18, 2010


Well of course I am still looking for my book. Did this prevent me from starting my morning pages? Of course! If I could find my book, then I could find a pen and a notebook too. Chaos reigns. Happy Monday! - Maura


  1. Girl, you are right on track. Find paper and pencil. Do Morning Pages at night. Just this once.

  2. Hello Maura,
    So glad you're here. Chaos reigns within us all. Obsessive book collector that I've become, (bookmania - or bibliomania? is the clinical term) like a squirrel, I buried The Artist's Way among the stacks of Rushdies, Mailers, Roths, Jongs, Hornbys- all books I have yet read! I did find my copy (first edition hardcover) of The Artist Way at Work. And that will do for now. When the original steadfast and true Artist's Way shows up again, I'll let you know. -V