Friday, June 18, 2010

What's on your desk?

Don't ask what it is or what it means. Just fill it.

On my desk this week, in small celebration of a birthday (age not to be disclosed) I've placed a whimsical purchase from the Detroit Institute of Arts. Don't ask what its real function or significance is. Had I visited the African gallery where similar work was featured, perhaps I'd know -- or find out the truth that it's a paperclip holder, or a small urn for ashes of a treasured family pet. No matter, it's mine for the present - a hand-built black clay pot with a decorative lid. It has significance now only to me. Yesterday, when I took it out of its box and placed it on my desk next to the keyboard, it struck me: I have given myself a "job jar" -- a place to keep ideas in passing, assignments-to-self, grand and trivial, whatever comes to mind at the time, like a genie in a bottle. . . to savor, to dream. . . to act upon. . . to put into words. And to "post" for later.

Cheers. For now & to later!


  1. Mmmm. A job jar! What I fine idea. We all need a place to capture dreams, project ideas, significant moments. Okay. Okay. I'll come back to the blog. Oh, actually, I never left.

  2. Take heart. Creative energy is where you find it, everywhere, anywhere. It never stops flowing... uh, that is, for as long as there's life and breath.

    Write on.