Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facing the page

Artists of the Artist Wayfarer site. . . you know who you are. Whacha up to?


  1. Okey dokey. Tuckie wants to know who everyone is. I'll start from the top. #!: Left to right, Stacey, Maura. #2: Annie. #3: Stacey. #4: Annie (not loving that photo, but hey.) #5: Louise #6: Erica #7: Maura. #8: Susan #9: Judi. #10: Annie's back, Stacey, Maura. #11: Self-portrait of Viv the Photographer.

    Thanks, Viv, for capturing the moment. I believe Photo #1 was "Baby Groundhog goes by."

  2. Right: photo 1 is baby groundhog moment. I can fix the mix of photos, best ones just happen to be pensive faces -- even behind the shades.

  3. Oh, these are great, too. Mr. Cujo is happy to be an artist. He wants to go on an artist's date.