Saturday, June 26, 2010


I hope nobody's in need of a tent pole or anything because the sherpa's been a little out to lunch this week.  Yes. I AM doing morning pages.  Because morning pages keep you sane.  But no.  I'm not counting or reading the chapter or going on artist's dates.  None of that.  Instead, I'm drifting.  And posting.  But not thinking about it too hard.  I'll be back full force, starting tomorrow.    

Last week's date was a trip to the Apple Store.  I heart the Apple Store.  Or maybe I Apple it.   That would be a good bumper sticker.  I (apple graphic goes here) my iPhone.   My iPad.  My iMac.  My my. 

My creativity gets very activated at the Apple Store. 

First artist date I went on in January, I walked out of the store and had this epiphany in which I saw that I have always thought in terms of good "artistic" creativity and bad "marketing-type" creativity.  (Interesting aside regarding my 25 years in advertising, huh?) 

What I saw that day at Legacy Village was that designers and thinkers and builders had created a very appealing world for me to walk around in and if I could get down off my creative high horse, I could celebrate their accomplishment. 

And, taking it further, I could say that the guy out there somewhere (hopefully not next door, but really what does it matter?) sticking a pink plastic flamingo in a circle of rocks in his front yard was answering that same flight of the imagination. 

Humans create.  That's what we do.  And although I can't exactly lobby for more flamingos, I can say, "You go, Flamingo Guy.  God bless you. God bless us every one."  See? An artist's date can change your life.  Go on one today.

Anyway.  Drifting.   I was last week.  I hurt my knee and tried very hard, Monday through Thursday to do nothing.  Nothing is kind of boring.  By Thursday I was feeling very, very bad about myself.  My morning pages were blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Whining like crazy.  So I went back to work.  I sent out a query.  And I took a trip back through the first three chapter of my novel and made some tweaks.  Bingo.  Much, much better did I feel.

So, here's to you, wherever you are.  Drifting.  Scaling the heights.  Lost.  Taking risks.  Doing the same old same old. Remember that this moment.  This thing that's working for you or dragging you down.  This forever nemesis of yours.  This crisis.  This whatever.  It's your way in.  It's your way through.  

Right here, right now, is the access point to the truth.  This crisis is the access point for its assimilation into the reality of your world.   This drift is access point for everything we need to put us back on course. 

Don't step back.  Go through. 

I'll be right behind you.


  1. Hey, good morning, Ann . . . lovely to hear from you again. I've been drifting, too . . . but something tells me I've drifted through a wormhole, and nothing will ever be quite the same with new family by marriage out there on the horizon, and already setting up house in my psyche and soul. Spent a whirlwind weekend with new "in-laws-to-be, starting logistics for a wedding next year, drifting planward toward the Hamptons. In love in a crazy new way. . . mystified, finding my place as MOG (mother of the groom)...beyond what-to-wear.

  2. You should wear that same dress you wore for the first one. You looked FABULOUS! Isn't it amazing when our children become... er ... people???