Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Artist's Play

Submitted for your approval:  Laura Starnik, member of the January - March Way and, if I do say so myself, shining light of Humble Boy, a play that just wound up an extended run at the Dobama Theater in Cleveland Heights.

Now, Laura is the most collaborative of actors and she would never say she stole the show with the monologue pictured here.  But the critics did.  And I do, too. The scene in which Mercy Lott, offers up the most devastatingly honest blessing over a bowl of gazpacho (which only the audience knows contains a healthy sprinkling of the cremains of a dead beekeeper) elicited a spontaneous round of applause the night we were there.  And, I believe, every other night as well.

Kudos to Laura for a wonderful performance.  And kudos to her, as well, for pursuing her acting career with the most tenacious, most enthusiastic commitment.  I have to say, having seen most of Laura's shows (although not her landmark performance in Rumors where she met the fabulous Darrell) that she brought the same passion and devotion to her craft to Opal's Million Dollar Duck, which (No disrespect.  I DID laugh my butt off) was no Humble Boy.

So this is my tribute to Laura, an artist who keeps on keepin' on and is richly rewarded and richly rewarding for her efforts and her faith in her work.

Be inspired, all we artists.  Be very inspired.


  1. Thank you, Annie, for your wonderful, supportive and ego-boosting comments. The Humble Boy experience was so fabulous. All I can say is, I hope to have more chances to audition for great roles like little Mercy. To my fellow wayfarers, don't be afraid to look foolish, to take risks. Or if you are afraid, don't let it stop you, unless your dream is to be a tightrope walker or fire-eater.

  2. Laura,

    Would have loved to have seen you as Mercy Lott-- and Ann's post makes me want to Google the play to read the scene. Congrats on your triumphs, your risk-taking and your sublimely "foolish" pursuits. You will have many more great roles -- without a doubt. Will stay posted!

  3. Crap. I so wanted to be a fire eater.