Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pure Colorado

Gotta a plane to catch in Denver this morning -- a two hour ride from Bachelor Gulch, where we're staying just west of Vail. Gorgeous summer days. . . hiking. Maroon Bells (in the area, near Aspen) . . .above. . . one of the pleasures of hiking. Biking? Just follow the river . . . down hill. More later.


  1. Wow, Viv. Did you take that photo? It's absolutely perfect. I remember Colorado. Billy and I lived there for six months when he was in the Air Force. It was sunny 300 days a year. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. People there did not understand the principal of "Oh, it's been nice for five days in a row, there must be some crappy weather on the way...." Have more fun!

  2. Hi back... the photo is grabbed off the internet, though we brought back about 400 perfectly nice pix ourselves. . . encountered no crappy weather, whatsoever, though we did miss some storms last weekend. Colorado is breathtaking -- though Denver is smog-choked in traffic.
    We've returned to the Mid-West: spending the weekend with family and family-to-be in Chicago.

    Still doing M Pages! How 'bout y'all?

  3. Oh, my! The road is wide open for all possibilities. What a perfect photograph to beckon us all to explore.
    Enjoy this extended "artist's date!"

    Comment from: "Tuckie"