Sunday, June 13, 2010


This is for all you Farers who've fallen by The Way.  Well, me too.  Today is Bill's birthday and the run-up to the festival of celebrations, including a Lake Day for (count 'em -- I did) about 95 people has rendered me useless in almost every way.

I did morning pages last week, like, twice.  I did not EVER read last week's chapter.

Now, this confession is a generosity on my part.  By ratting myself out and making my scarlet letters -- G and O for Goof-Off -- completely visible right here in the public Marketplace of the Digital Age, I am demonstrating for you, my people, that even the sherpa falls off the mountain sometimes.  And now I'm sending forth the word that the way to proceed from the Marketplace of Shame is to climb back on the mountain.

1) Find your book & your morning pages notebook.  I'm pretty sure I know where mine are.  If you've lost yours, let this be a sign unto you that you should find them now.

2) Pick, oh, say TOMORROW as the day to get back on the horse.  Look into your heart and see if you're actually willing and able to pick tomorrow and if it doesn't work, don't for goodness sake, pick it just to be pleasant.  Just look.  Pick a date that works.  Honor that date.

3) Forgive yourself, utterly.  I forgive you (and me) utterly.  Guilt at this juncture is an ego trip you/I cannot afford.  

4) On the date you picked, do your morning pages and be LOVING to yourself.  I mean it. Read the Chapter number you have not yet read.  For me it would be FIVE.  Say unto yourself, "This is Week Five (or Three) or (possibly even, One.)"

This is redemption.  This is grace.  Enjoy.

5) And here at #5 is the Alternate Emergency Exit.

Look deeply into the same place in your heart into which you looked for a restarting date and make sure there is a true one there.  If you can see that the time is not now or even a foreseeable now, send me an email and say, "I'm out." "I'm out for now."  "I'm out forever."  Whatever is true for you.

However you're out, if you are out, let me know.  It's important to do this.  I want you to be able to walk away whole and complete.  You do not need to give me reasons.  If it makes sense to you, it makes sense to me.  My sherpa blessings are upon you always. 

And now a word from our sponsor:  The Artist's Way is a valuable tool for doing all sorts of things that you'll love doing.  It's worth the work.  It's worth the time.  It will pay you back a hundred fold.  I'm turning back to it, refreshed, enthusiastic, optimistic and guilt- free.  The door is so wide open it's hardly even a door.  So, if you just needed a little boost for now, consider yourself boosted.

For you, you know who you are, who have been upon the straight and narrow path this whole darned time, Congratulations!  Feel insanely smug.  You deserve it.  And all good things.



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    Incidentally, Ann... thanks for the reference to Zen Habits, a good site to share with all at http:/
    I will caution however against taking too much self-help too seriously.

    Inspired with some lyrical passage on the zen of spousal relations -- something calm and soothing about walking in the cool of the evening hand in hand with your husband -- I actually started something of a fight -- well, let's say "heated discussion" with my husband. After 37 years of marriage ... the zen of our relationship is such that many things are left. . . best. . . simply, zenfully unstated.