Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Save the blog!

The whales.  The spotted owl.  All entities in danger of extinction.

Oh, Wayfarers!  I do not feel your presence here.  I feel Viv's presence.  But although I do sense that people are definitely well-established on the path, and hear from you that things are going well, most of you are silent on the blog.  If you're reading, I can't tell.

So, here's the deal.  I am NOT retiring from my sherpa job or anything like that.  I am not sulking or taking my ball and going home, but assuming no posts from the non-Vivian y'all, I'm outta here.  Viv needs to be blogging to the wide world with her beautiful photos and her elegant ideas.  And I need to be querying agents and doing the do.

Let's be clear:  the Artist's Wayfarer's Blog shall be right here at its current address forever.  (Or until the Internet burns out, whichever comes first.)  If this is your first visit, you haven't missed anything. (I see that this is post 100.)  All the posts are here.  Read from the bottom up.  There's information about starting up.  About Reading Deprivation Week.  About all sorts of things.

And if you want to post, post!

Clap for Tinkerbell.  Miracles do happen.   But, for now, I'll be in touch by email.  And if you need something quick, email me.

Or post one for the owl.


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  1. Hmmm, it would appear it's just you and me on this site, Ann. Email would work just as well, I suppose. But here's what I plan -- at least for the duration of the 7 weeks to got on this lap of the Artist Way -- I'll keep writing.

    Clapping for Tinkerbell. Don't give up.