Saturday, June 19, 2010


. . . there's a certain craziness in day-to-day sanity. As we get older and figure out how to live grown-up lives, a deeper weirdness slips away. It's a form of absurdity to master life, to edit miraculous oddness of human existence into a tidy routine. . .

These aren't my words: Chris Colin, author of What Really Happened to the lass of 93" wrote them in an essay for the end page, Lives, in the New York Time Magazine last week.

Thought I'd take them on my way this week -- taking a week off -- breaking free of tidiness and routine, heading to Colorado, with the camera and hiking shoes, sunblock, and yeh, biking shorts and gloves.

Incidentally, the jpeg image comes from a fab site for designers who use the color wheel and computer: check out kuler (pronounced cooler)... a site run by adobe, I believe.

For those, still checking for smoke signals on this path . . . cheers!

Will post from the road. . . perhaps.

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  1. Hey. Blogger ate my comment! I love Kuler. It's very, very kule. And I also wish you a fine time in Colorado although I suspect you're already in Colorado. Ride safe.