Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I did on my No-Readie Vacation

First of all, I blessed the folks who posted so eloquently about what's available for doing when not reading. Viv and Laura, your photos were amazing. The insights were fantastic as well. I empathized! And Maura's synopsis-es of news and stuff cracked me up!

So, here's what I did first. I whined and complained like a big baby. I discovered, to my rue, how much I depend on making my way through the day to a resting spot in which I find either a book or a TV. (Aside: I'm noticing that "TV set" is a usage that's not used so much anymore. Duh. Getting old. Remembering the first TV set. Dinosaur.)

Also, I was in complete withdrawal from the shows we watch at dinner time. House. Bones. Fringe. Castle. And Numb3rs when John -- who loathes it -- isn't around. So, here's what I did. I suffered some. And I cheated a little. Tuesday night I screamed "BLEEP-IT! C'mon, guys. I'm watching Castle!" And we DID. Ahhhhh.

So, what I didn't do was read anything for fun. Or watch TV except for that cheating. I got totally out of touch with the news and the weather. I emailed, because writing is fine. I tried not to spend much time reading emails though. I enjoyed morning pages. I reread the chapter heh, heh because Julia says that's okay. I counted the Opening Ceremonies as my Artist's Date. And you thought I didn't bend the rules.

I cleaned a lot of closets. I pretty much finished my memo board as you can see. I love how it turned out. I need some more furniture nails for the ribbon intersections but that's a small matter.

I spent more time thinking. I listened to music with no words and in the car I didn't check to see the names of what was playing on the Sirius. I decided I could decide what stuff should be called. That was fun.

Mid week I went into the TiVo queue and cancelled all my CSI passes. I decided I'd seen enough autopsies for a bit. I noticed that is a little scary. I actually got a bit of a twinge. Withdrawal from my long years of CSI addiction. I kicked Miami a couple of years ago though. And I dropped Criminal Minds because, again, how many serial killer do I need to imagine about. I was ruthless with Oprahs. She's so great about some things and then -- sorry! -- so much I don't want to clutter my head with. No more House Hunters. I'm done with those spoiled brats saying, "I don't much care for the marble."

So: freedom! And a fresh appreciation of the pleasures of words.

That's me. If you haven't said how it was for you, say how it was for you.

And let us know how you're doing on the Way.


  1. Yeah! Annie, You're back! I was beginning to worry that the Mad Disney Hatter had run everyone off the road. . . wondering: is this is the week you were writing from out of town?

    Heading for Florida tomorrow -- Morning Pages on the 7:30 flight will have to do. You might be pleased to know that last weekend I managed to keep up the MPages routine at the Hotel Intercontinental without disturbing Mal all that much, tho he did notice lights on at 5:30 and rolled back to sleep. I followed suit at 6.


  2. I loved the Mad Hatter! Your photos are the best! I'm sending an email about writing out of town.