Saturday, February 6, 2010


Annie, without saying so much that you'll get embarrassed and turn all milk-toast like (not to be confused with milquetoast, because you are not timid, meek or unassertive), I just want to note what a delightful AW leader you are. You're non-threatening, you're understanding, you're persuasive should someone think he or she is dumb, do-less or drop-out-bound, and you lift us on your tide of fun and humor.



  1. Wow! That is so nice, Joe! I turn my back on the blog for a couple of hours and you write this lovely post. Lucky for me Tuckie is so alert.

    Thank you! And, yes, I'll bring money.

  2. Joe, I couldn't agree I had no idea (YIKES)-we can't read this week? This is my first time reading the book. Annie, I really appreciate the heads up!

  3. Yeah, Susan. I was worried about you and book group coming up on the 15th. But you've read it. My problem is computer time. I'm trying to sort what's just brain death and what's creative and critical.