Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Week of Living Dangerously

A week without reading is like a week without sunshine. Actually, it's more like a week with a sister from another planet - and that would be moi. So no newspaper, I can live with that. Or without that. Or can I? No stock market reports - that's good. But no Sally Forth? It ain't fittin'. It just ain't fittin'. No NYTimes online. No really good book that I was just getting into. Most of my reading these days has been scripts of plays, and I was just allowing myself the joy of getting into a good book when that b!tch, Julia Cameron started getting all bossy on my @ss. Focus, Laura. Focus.

So Monday morning is the most beautiful morning in the world for any season. Clean sparkling blanket of snow. Clear blue sky and trees that are glazed and gleaming with the frozen-ness of it all. Frozenly-solid as Aunt Carol used to say. If I didn't get out the door fast, the tree gleam would be gone. No time to think or to argue with myself over the injustice of not being able to read anything. I grabbed my to-go tea and my low-tech digital camera and did my best to carpe the diem in my neighborhood. A sample of which I share here.


  1. GREAT post and a gorgeous photo, Laura. It's nice to hear somebody complain besides me. And you made the very best of it. Julia would be proud. And I'm sure very forgiving of the B-word. And the @-word.

  2. Hey Laura,

    from one snow bound blogger to another -- good to read your post and happy that you found inspiration in carpe the diem walk-about.

    What real good book were you reading -- before the assault of media deprivation?

  3. Hi, Viv -
    It's a murder mystery called "In The Woods." Takes place in Ireland.
    The author is Tana French. It's her first book. She's also an actress.
    Can't wait for Monday. Media deprivation blows.