Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello all, since I am being Artist's Way agnostic and wimpy, I am posting some recaplets I sent to Ann as a Public Service during Media Deprivation Days. This is just a snapshot of what I watched this weekend, not including everything else:

... There was this girl growing up on the moors and heaths of Yorkshire named Cathy, and her Dad brought home an urchin boy, whom they called Heathcliff for some reason, though he looks more like a Benicio to me …

or: David Gregory was talking to these 2 guys named Hank Paulsen and Alan Greenspan, and they both looked pretty worried, but rumor has it that when Hank gets really really worried he gets the dry heaves, and he didn’t look like he was going to barf on the desk in front of David Gregory or anything, so maybe things are sort of OK…

…and then there was this lady Jenny Sanford and she was all married to this Prince Charles lookalike named Mark, and he was governor but he forgot or something because he took off for Argentina to see his girlfriend but he didn’t even check his iPhone or anything because no one knew where he went, even his wife, so when he got back he was all tears about how he had to say fare-thee-well to his Soul Mate, the chick in Argentina, meanwhile *HELLO!* we presume your kids can read and they know everything you sent her in e mails and then Jenny grabbed their butts and moved to the beach house, but god only knows what the schools are like down by the beach, and Barbara Walters tried to make her cry but she totally didn’t, and she’s the only Republican I ever sort of admired…

anyway, I'll keep TV going for all of us so it doesn't just go away like newspapers have- cheers!


  1. Saudade/Maura

    Thanks for the recaplets. Tho I'm not sure I should be out here reading them in public.

  2. Absolved by me, Viv. Especially since I told Maura, "Post this!" Jon Stewart should read your Mark Sanford recap, Maura. Nice work. Now get your butt back on The Way, you AW agnostic you.

  3. well if I hadn't been watching I wouldn't have known that Jon had Jenny on his show last night!