Monday, February 22, 2010

Perceptions: My Artist's Way Story of the Week.

I have recently achieved a goal to get cast in a play at a professional theatre. Actually, I have been cast in two plays that pay. Yay! The current one is the play that Anne told you about, Is He Dead?, at the Beck Center. While I'm busy as heck in the evenings and weekends, floating and fainting in a hoop skirt, my days are filled with the desire to develop a freelance situation as a copywriter. Working part-time from home during the day and part-time at the theatre at night would just be tits.

As luck or fate would have it, who should attend a performance of Izzy Dead?, but the former head honcho of marketing at my last place of employment. (sidebar: While head-honcho was always nice to me, we did not travel in the same circles - like at ALL. In my former so-called life at the ad agency, she was the kind of client who would have scared the CRAP outta me.)

Anyhoo, honcho didn't know I was in the play, didn't know I was an actor, as I learned as we chatted over drinks after the performance. She seemed intrigued and impressed and it turns out that she's interested in talking to me about writing for her as she has launched her own marketing consulting company.We're meeting for coffee in a couple of weeks to discuss the possibilities. I'll let you know how it turns out. Either way, I was amazed at how the path I followed toward my true love of acting, led met to a wonderful opportunity in the day job department.

I post a picture of Stockard Channing. People say I remind them of her. There you have it.


  1. Congrats to you, Laura. Spectacular news. Sorry I'm a state-away and missing your new role(s) as actor-for-pay and copywriter-to-be.
    FYI- the copywriting will be a synch for you, whoever your former head-honcho marketing person is -- she'll be lucky to have you.

  2. And I said to myself, "Wow, nice photo. I never realized how much Laura looks like Stockard Channing. It could be HER.

    And I agree: Mind-blowing news!