Friday, February 5, 2010

Blatant promotion disguised as Artist Date suggestion

What could be a better Artist's Date than getting up on Saturday morning to struggle though a snow storm and its blistering winds to hear the Lyceum Chamber Chorus sing at St. Michael's in Independence? Nothing! At 8:30 (AM!) tomorrow, at St. Michael's on Brecksville Road, my son's school choir subgroup, the "Chamber Choir", will be singing at the memorial Mass for Bobby Tripodi, a sibling of one of their schoolmates who died a number of years ago. Bobby's parents run the Cornerstone of Hope, a bereavement organization that helps grieving parents. I don't know them well, but they must be very brave people.

I must confess that when the larger choir sang the Advent concert in December, they blew me away, they sounded tremendous. The new director, James Flood, has whipped them into great shape. We'll see how the smaller Chamber Choir does. Saturday morning is not usually a meditative time, but in a snowstorm it can be. I'm just sayin'. Cheers!

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