Friday, May 28, 2010

Watch this space.

My peeps!

I know you're out there.  I know you drop by the blog.  I know you're busy.  Or maybe bummed out by the uncertainties of your creative pursuits. (Uncertainty is Creative's middle name.  Bet you didn't know that.) And possibly you're shy about posting.  And possibly you have encountered bugs and bafflement while attempting posting.

Here's my request:  I'm making it easy for you to blog out loud.  Simply comment here.  I'm leaving lots of room.  You don't have to be registered or anything as far as I know, you can comment as Anonymous and just put your name at the end of whatever you have to say.  First name.  Initial, if you prefer.  We know who you are.

Our blog is intended to provide support and community.  We all need that.  We do. So, say Hi.  And if you want to do a regular post, please have at it.

One final word:  If you're having technical difficulties commenting, posting, finding a wholesome diet soda .... whatever,  email me and we'll sort it all out.

I shall be awaiting your comment.  Right here. 


  1. TGIA, thank God it’s Ann!

    I'm always happy to see a new post headlining the site-- and will concur that it's been a slow week on the Waywobegone blogspot here. Part of my deal is a pact-with-self to not give up, write whatever -- plan it, think about it, and post it, for better or worse -- no reward but the simple satisfaction that I've kept my word. . .to myself.

    So this week? Feeling overextended-- working on a grant proposal, two exhibits, and a Green Home gallery, still tutoring a sixth grader, and taking a web design class, I find myself seriously bummed and grumbling for the first time. . . huff, puff, too much.

    But here's your post, renewing my energy like the perennials in my garden (which by the way I'm out the door to weed.. and augment with the annuals -- all my handiwork). So, bear with us all . . . and for sure, to quote Arnold, the Terminator, “I will be back!” There's more to come. . . later.

  2. Just me again. . . a wholesome diet soda?

    Did you know that soda may be a culprit in developing osteoporosis? Studies not conclusive, but the caffeine in colas may be a calcium-blocker -- and the phosphoric acid may be leaching calcium from the bones, as well.
    Nothing better in the summer than a tall frosty soda POP (in fact, I have a craving for one right now) -- not much worse a choice for the body. Like all things -- a diet choice to be made in moderation.

    Anyone. Anyone? Anyone out there for a comment, a suggestion, a laugh, a yawn?

  3. Well, I get here occasionally. But I get to talk to Ann every day (what a joy) so I have not posted before.

    It is super easy to post and no personal information is shared. I just chose the Name/URL profile and gave my name, but no url. And away I went.


  4. This is Bill again. I now selected the anonymous profile.


  5. One last time. I chose the name/url profile and only gave my first name (I could have used a psedounym (maybe Cujo or Barack) if I wanted.

    For all of the posts I have had to look at a group of letters that are sort of squiggly and type them in. This prevents hackers from automatically posting.

    So, come on folks post!


  6. OK! If Mr Bill can do it, so can I! I have been sitting here reading the AW week 3 (by the way which week are we on, I'm feeling like I'm behind.) I love "easy does it" in chapter 3 and am hearing it again for the first time. It's such a gentle concept and so powerful. So that is what I am taking on: grace and ease.

  7. Hey, Louise! We're coming up on Week Four so you're not behind. At least not until Monday. I have to go back and find "easy does it" -- missed it somehow. So glad you're finding value, plus grace and ease.

  8. "Easy does it" is on page 74. And I am relieved that I am not behind--which is an interesting conversation that seems to be with me a lot. I wake up in the morning with an awareness that there is sooo much to do and sooo little time that I automatically go to thinking that I am behind already and the day has just begun. So "easy does it" as a mondus operandi is a shift for me. Duh