Monday, May 24, 2010

Going Our Way

We came. We celebrated. We wrote. Each to her own, adding a page in the journal.

Thanks to Anne. A glorious touch-down afternoon at the Lake House. Our voices filled the garden with chatter, laughter, and curiosity, the natural wisdom of women as they gather and converge and make music in their own way. And like birds, we flew off again. With a promise to keep one another posted. Well, perhaps. We'll see.


  1. Thanks to you, Viv, for making the long trek from Detroit and being such an animated and gracious addition to our group. (And for the tart and the magnificent bread, as well.) So fun to see you and hope we can get together again soon!

  2. me too! Not nearly enough time. miss you all. It was a perfect afternoon -- an ultimate artist date - for all, I'm sure. Never did get to blogtalk, but that's okay, copy-paste-and-save for another visit.