Monday, May 10, 2010

In a Rule-Driven World, a Place to Be Free

In your Morning Pages, Snow Globes ARE allowed!  

Being very boring?  Allowed.  Kvetching? Yes. Go for it.  Being ridiculous or outrageous?  Even better! 

For a long time on my journey of the Artist's Way, I had a concern about actually speaking my mind in my pages.  What if I get hit by a truck and someone reads my pages and gets the wrong (or worse, the right) idea about what's been on my mind?  Making me cranky.  Worrying me.  Disappointing me.  Hacking me off.  Whatever.
I've decided that if I get hit by a truck, that would be the least of my worries.   And you know what?  It's a lot more fun, and very liberating as well, to just haul off and write what's on your mind.

We tend to take the contents of our minds way too seriously.  We think our thoughts are organized.  We think they are unique.  We think they mean something.  Mostly not.  Mine sure aren't and don't.  It's mostly just blah, blah, blah.  But how freeing to go blah, blah, blah for three pages before you start your day and get some of that blah off your chest!  And not worry about artistic quality.  Or any quality. 

And, truly, if you want to write, "I don't want to write anything." Or "Snow globes, snow globes, snow globes" for three pages -- it's allowed!  Carry-on! 

And have fun!


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