Monday, May 17, 2010


So easy to fall off-track. Lost in the details. Blocked in the writing.

You are looking at the state of my desk, not far from the state of my electronic desktop, just keystrokes and neurons away from the state of my unipolar disordered brain.

Pooling resources. Cramming for an open book quiz? In the midst of writing a grant proposal to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (the short version, and a long-shot at that) seeking six figures for a program entitled Positive Play:Laughing Matters. Gotta LOL, right?

As fevered a pitch as ever. Museumwork. Feels almost familiar, like the ad biz. On crack.

Another Sunday in the life . . .


  1. Home from book group. I may be the only unalloyed lover of Tinkers on the planet but I love it enough for everybody.

    I admire your desk, Viv. Lots of energy! I am a disciple of Leo Baubauta the Zen Habits guy and he has influenced my deskly habits somewhat. Right now though. It's a junkathon. Phone, watch, sunglasses, receipts, printed out recipes, a DVD, the Voo Doll -- the works. All is well. As the man says, "This is the way the world looks when it's working."

  2. Checking to see if I can post as Anonymous. I think I can. I think I can.


  3. Most interested in Tinkers. . . the first edition signed goes for something like $1800. Apparently an interesting publishing story that I am unaware of... and a first special run of only 750 copies. Anyway-- interest well-picqued -- Tinkers - now on my radar, and on my reading list.

    Now, as for Leo Baubauta . . . hmmm.