Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clear skies

I could grumble about grey skies, rain in the forecast all day, and endless orange barrels along my route to work on Eight Mile (yes, that’s the famed 8 Mile in Detroit) but with the prospect of 83 more summer mornings on "The Way," why not spin along a more positive turn? It’s a good morning to start scribbling “morning pages.” Well sorta.


  1. Ah, Viv is taking a web course. Now she has TWO photos in her post. I'm going to soak up some of this innovation, second hand! Welcome to your road, Viv! Love the barrels and the romantic drive. Maybe they're both romantic drives...the barrels certainly are vivid and energetic.

  2. TRUST me, the web course won't show up here or on any site for quite some time, if EVER. Learning standard CODE heaven-help-me and CSS, whatever that stands for (cascading style sheets, I think). Puzzling over the finer points of browsers (all news to me) and text programs (all greek to me). Just feeling my way blind through the material (still awaiting the arrival of my text book from Amazon).
    MUCH better off taking pix of delapidated Detroit on a grand avenue scale -- so much more potential there!

  3. oops - can't spell dilapidated