Friday, May 14, 2010

The VooDoll is Back!

Not for imprecations or the casting of dark spells. Just 'cause I need a friend made of red yarn to give me the power of persistence. 

The agent, who is a nice guy from all appearances, said no.  

Very nicely.  But a no is a no is a no.  So. Okay.  I got right back on the horse that threw me and sent off two queries yesterday.  One was a no by bedtime.  Now, that is NOT FAIR.  

Also, the refrigerator -- which is not a nice guy refrigerator -- appears to be dying.  Slowly, which is good, but dang.  There is an expression we Americans like to use:  "I didn't need that right now."  I bet we're the only culture that goes around saying stupid stuff like that.  I bet the earthquake/tsunami, hunger, strife and malaria-ridden third world people don't go around saying "I didn't need that right now."  We're so spoiled.  

Anyway, this is a lesson in VooDoll persistence: if you write, your writing will be rejected.  No.  Really.  Rejected.  Not just gently cast aside and then embraced. Rejected.  Rejected.  Rejected. Rejected.  And then, on one marvelous sunny day?  Rejected again!  And your only, only hope is to be dogged like a dogged dog doggie dog dog.  Stick a pin in your VooDoll, chant the chant and wish for superhuman doggedness.  

And a refrigerator repairperson.

And remember, all we of the Artist's Way, that being creative with our own Universe-given creativity is its own reward.  I say yes to my work.  I do not reject the effort or the rejection.  I still dancing.  You dance, too.



  1. Arrrrhhhh! Persistence! More later.

    Another stupid expression we ever-optimistic and entitled Americans like to use: "it's all good." I was thinking how empty that statement can be -- writing morning pages this morning --- we do have a tendency to speak and think in code. No, it's not all good. But then, it's not all bad. Good will come of your good work. It will, it does.
    Cold comfort today. . . do you have a short story in your drawer?

  2. You know, I do have a short story I wrote in 19 Probably 80-something about a writer who gets eaten by a giant slug. I wrote it on a typewriter so you know it's old. It's called Miller Time. So you know it's old, old. I think that may be it. I have never written short stories. But you know. That might not be a bad idea. Oh, I wrote one for poor John Pritchard. It's fun. I forgot that. Thanks for the suggestion, Viv. Happy Sunday.

  3. Ah, glad to hear. . . hope springs.

    "Working" on a little something to post - mostly losing the track, losing momentum --but not the intention.

    Speaking of intentions -- your/our Artist Wayfriends don't seem to be following this week. No divers, do-ers, daredevils among us -- but you?? Hello out there?