Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MI Way

Those Michigan sunsets, especially after a summer rainfall: pure magic.

What looks like a long and winding road is just my street in a subdivision of Northville, on the cusp of Wayne and Oakland County, 15 minutes east of Ann Arbor. An ordinary suburban neighborhood, refreshed through the lens of the camera. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. And so it goes.

The dog-eared page in my journal suggests we might find ourselves in “Chapter 11” of The Artist’s Way -- as appropriate a place as any to consider creative inventory and bankruptcy. Moving on, moving forward. “This week we focus on artistic autonomy,” proclaims the intro.

So. Make festive plans. Play. Explore. Travel. Write. Ride. Even on ordinary and lonely roads, there’s discovery.

Below, a quick thought, grabbed haphazardly from the marginalia of the Cameron text, a quote from Norma Jean Harris (googled Norma Jean, and no, I have no clue as to who she actually is, but here are her words for the day)

"Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes it visible. The moon develops creativity as chemicals develop photographic images."

Heading to the Ann Arbor Art Festival this weekend (Thursday thru Saturday) - my annual pilgrimage for photography, glass flowerworks, and ceramics. Anyone coming my way??


  1. Hey. I left a comment here. I wonder where it went. Rats. That is so weird.

  2. Yo!

    Ann - missed you last week. Anyway. As you wisely advised -- not everything is worth a comment, or even a passing mention.

    Staring at the sunset from last Wednesday's post... considering a new post on, dunno! . . . a.) facing the page or b) a fond farewell to mummies (all good things must end) as the mummy exhibit is soon departing from the Detroit Science Center. Without a doubt, hands down (and some fingers missing) the weirdest, strangest project I have ever worked on. I must share some pix.

    For those still lurking in the wings, I do believe we have entered Week 12 of The Artist Way, nearing the Twilight Zone of this site.
    All posts and comments moving forward. . . are . . . just as they have been. . . incidental, optional, marginal.