Monday, April 5, 2010

Coming Soon: To An Inbox Near You

Just like that. It's Week 12. And, as I predicted but never believed, spring is almost here. As a matter of fact it kind of looks here. But I won't fall for that one. You can't trust spring. (Was that it, Ann? And by the way: So HAPPY about Muffin! So HAPPY! Had a lost cat once. Finding your lost cat is the best thing ever.)

This week, as the week goes on, I will be emailing each of you individually and inquiring about:

a) whether we should attempt a congregation of physical beings in what those geeks at Fast Company used to call "meat space." Eeeg. That's so disgusting. Let's call it analog space and see how that works. In short... (Too late!) Should we plan to get together and hang out by the lake sometime to mark the end of this leg of The Way? Some base touching? A little marking of the occasion? A little wine?

b) whether you would like to reenlist for another tour of duty, starting, roughly, May 1?

c) if you know people who might like to come along for that ride.

And d) How the heck are you?

I plan to keep the blog open. Maybe a slight redesign. But Viv and I need a place to write down what we're thinking and the rest of you need a place to blog so you'll be part of the contemporary digital scene.

That's it. I'm dropping by this week. Look out for me!


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  1. Yes, yes, yes. Looking out. All sounds good to me.

    I've been thinking/wondering what I might do if you closed your Road for repairs. (So pleased to see your site is still relevant and necessary to you and that it will be kept open to thru-traffic.) How everyone else is feeling -- well, we'll soon find out.

    RE: the road ahead. I have a new thought. Close one avenue and another opens (or is that just windows?) Anyway, I would love to talk about another blog concept, with you or the group. I even purchased a domain name that's open for employment.

    Now all I NEED is to learn more about hosting/designing and maintaining a site. Will think/write/post a little something about it this week.