Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Artist's Date? A cup full.

So does this count? An artist's date - or a reckoning. Bra shopping (Macy's... buy 2 get 2 free, I guess would be a BTGT, not a BOGO) very fraught. Things have shifted, nothing fit. Sales lady advises, go up a cup and band size. Whew. Really? When do they run out of letters?

20 try-ons later, nothing fit. Until- the Wacoal. Realization that my chest has Champaign taste. So I'm doing math in my head, justify on a per-wearing amortization. Then, I stop cold... it doesn't matter! It fits! I found something in the world that fit just right.

This was a great day.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yes, yes! It counts!

    Detest bra shopping with a capital D. (Actually, i should say abhor shopping with a capitall AA!) And yes, I spend too much. For nothing! Talk about getting lost in space, I get lost in a cup. Imagine the dread and utter disillusionment discovering that you are wider than broad, and that you have almost more flesh in back than in front. Flattering fits? Not without cleavage you don't. I've given up -- camisoles.

    Congrats on a great day and a great B2G2 fit.

  3. So, I want to know what Viv wrote that she subsequently removed??? Maurie! What fun. I never imagined that soliciting artist's dates would result in posts so ... unexpected!

    And I have to tell you Wacoal is my brand as well. TMI, no doubt. Freddie just sent me this article from Salon. At least we're not sharing our bra preferences on Twitter. And thank goodness we're not celebrities.


  4. I love it when an artists date turns into an underwear endorsement. Maxine and Laverne must dip into a Wacoal, and soon.