Friday, March 12, 2010


As a third-timer to The Artist's Way I'm participating on a want-to-do-whenever basis. Today I read Chapter 7. I have no idea what week I'm supposed to be reading, but it's Chapter 7 for me and it's Friday. Such a rebel.

However many years ago, probably six by now, when I read Chapter 7 for the first time, I actually did the exercises. It was fun reviewing what I said back then and I was particularly struck by my answer to this one: My artist has started to pay more attention to____. My answer was "my instincts."

That was then. It's true today, too, and made more significant by a note given to me by the director of my most recent play. He is a master motivator and confidence-builder. He told me that one of my greatest strengths as an actor is my natural instincts and to keep trusting them. Needless to say I LOVE this director. And I love Chapter 7 for its message about perfection and letting go of the fear of looking foolish. I know embrace looking foolish.

That's me far left in the white hat in this too small picture. Having a ball. Looking foolish. But not nearly as foolish as the dude center stage in the dress. Maybe some day.


  1. Gotta bigger copy of the photo? I KNOW what this is a picture of and so does Maura, but the rest of the folks are missing out on the deliciously dingbatified look on your face or how nice the dude's dress is. And, I can attest that the surer you are, Laura, the more powerful and creative you have become.

  2. Just got some new pics the other day. Found a bigger one. '
    Thanks, Annie.

  3. Laura,
    Thanks for a great post. I remember from my Liggett days(now a decade ago!) how you landed parts and shared the joy of your love of theater. Very quietly you have persisted and pursued. Brava!

  4. Oh see! That's MUCH better. People, that's Laura on the very far left.

    Something else that's much better: I'm in Cleveland. So happy to be HOME!

  5. This is a great shot, and a great memento of a fun night! Keep having fun, Laurie.